Guitar lessons for young beginners (ages 3+) in Chicago. For more information and to set up a lesson observation use the contact page.

Suzuki Method Guitar

All children can learn to play music. Talent is not innate, but rather it is learned in a nurturing and supportive environment. These were the revolutionary realizations of Shinichi Suzuki, a Japanese violinist and educator. Just as all children learn the language that their parents speak to them, and with great nuance, children can learn music by listening. Through exposure, small sequenced steps, positive encouragement, and many repetitions, students and parents refine the skills required to play music at a high level. A young start is ideal, and I encourage those who are ready as early as age 3 to begin lessons.

The goal is never to create a professional musician, but through the process of learning to play guitar at a high level the child develops fine motor skills, long-term dedication, problem solving, attention to detail, listening skills, working in a group, performing, an appreciation of art and beauty, and so much more.

Lessons are given weekly, and there are bi-weekly group classes in the school year. A parent accompanies the student to all classes and takes notes to be able to help as the teacher at home. This shared activity can serve as a lasting and strong bond between child and parent.

Anyone is welcome to observe a lesson with a current student in my Chicago teaching studios. After that, we can meet to discuss starting lessons.

Traditional Lessons

Whether you are an adult beginner, an experienced guitarist, or anywhere in between, I have years of experience teaching students of all levels. I will work with you to reach the next level of mastery in your playing: improve your relaxation while playing, strengthen memorization skills, refine your fine motor coordination, and develop your musicality. I also offer an ensemble class for adult students as a way to work on ensemble, musicianship, and performance skills.